Course 2:

Enrollment is NOW OPEN!!

Course includes:

*Pre-recorded videos on each formation to view at your convenience

*Unlimited access to the course and its content-you are able to review anytime, and as many times as you wish

*Photo and video examples of each unique formation, collected by Iris herself using crystals she's had in her shop over the years

*Homework (AKA Soul Work) paired with each formation to support your journey, with a comment area for group discussion

*Final course quiz to test what you've learned in class

*Show and Tell! A place where you can post crystals from your collection, and inspire group discussion


Students who commit to their education and sign-up for the course will get exclusive VIP access for a full 24 hours for each shop update of Course 2 formations-before they are available to the general public.

Each crystal will feature a formation you've learned about in the course, and will be offered at a 10% discount.

This is an opportunity to add to your collection and support your Crystal Formation Journey.

In this course we discuss FIVE different crystal formations!

The formations in this course are often referred to interchangeably. I will explain how to visually differentiate between each, as well as discuss each of their separate unique metaphysical properties:

1) Bridge

2) Inner Child

3) Manifestation

4) Penetrator

5) Ally Quartz-A NEW formation!

Course 2 will include:

*Pre-recorded videos for you to watch at your convenience

*Homework (AKA "Soul Work") for each formation discussed, with a comment area for group discussion.

*Photo/Video examples of each unique formation from Iris' library

*End of course QUIZ

*Show & Tell! A space to share crystals in your personal collection with other students

*Exclusive VIP access to crystals for sale in the Course 2 formations before they are available to the general public, with an automatic 10% discount! I will restock the website periodically with these formations, and students that invested in Course 1 will always have access to purchase 24 hours prior to the general public.

With your Course 2 investment, you will receive unlimited access to the course and it's content, so you can review at any time.